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Module 1
The Benefits of a Solid Legal Foundation

You might still be wondering why having an LLC matters at all. In this module, I will explain to you what an LLC is, why it is important, and how it fits into the overall structure of my LOCK it Down™ System. 

You will learn the basics of what you need to do to set up your LLC properly, confirm that an LLC is the right choice for your business, and start learning how setting the proper legal foundation will help your business to not only grow, but to thrive.

Module 2
Setting up your LLC the RIGHT way

After you have finished this module, you will know the EXACT STEPS that you need to take to properly set up an LLC in your state. I’ll walk you through what you need to do BEFORE you file anything with your State, and then I will show you how to You’ll learn the legal terms that are most important to this process, and receive a step-by-step tutorial of exactly how to set up your LLC the right way the first time. 

Module 3
10 Steps You Need to Take AFTER You Form Your LLC

The biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs make with their legal foundation isn’t in forming the LLC, but it’s everything that comes AFTER you for the LLC. 

In this module you will receive a checklist of items that you must do to keep your LLC compliant as well as a list of LLC best practices to keep you from doing anything that would allow a creditor to “pierce your corporate veil”.

Module 4
Setting Up Your Website LEGALLY for Succes

You didn’t think that I was only going to help you set up an LLC did you?

Once you have your LLC in place, it is vitally important that you have the proper contracts in place on your website to keep you legit. So in this module you will receive a lawyer drafted privacy policy and terms of service that you can customize using my document drafting software and place on your website. 

These are valued at $500 if bought separately on my website, and you get them for free by purchasing this course!

Module 5
What Comes Next?

Once you have your LLC in place and some contracts on your website, you are ready to get to work on your business! But unfortunately, this is not where the legal obligations end…

Now you need to start thinking about how you will protect your relationships and your brand.

In this module I will share with you my thoughts on what you should be doing next to legally protect your business. 

And Don't Forget the Bonuses...
At Hawthorn Law, we like to stack on the value. And that's why we are including 3 amazing bonuses with this offer.

Bonus #1 - Group Coaching Call Replays

I spent over 5 hours coaching prior students through my LLC formation system, answering their questions and making sure they set up their LLC correctly. There's no fluff here, just real, hands on guidance and hand-holding that will answer every conceivable question you have about setting up an LLC properly. ($1,000 value)

Bonus #2 - Video Training Reviewing 10 of the Most Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make 

We valued this training at $197, but that probably doesn't do it justice. I have learned from experience that there are a number of mistakes that I see entrepreneurs make when getting started with their business. And I've distilled these mistakes down into the top 10 ways that entrepreneurs can cost themselves time and money by not doing things correctly from the beginning. ($197 value)

Bonus #3 - Video Tutorial Teaches You How to Keep Your Website Safe from Scammers and Copycats 

One of the biggest fears many entrepreneurs have when starting out is that their business idea or course will be stolen by a competitor. In this training, I share with you the tools and technology I use to make sure this can NEVER happen.
($197 value)

Our Crazy Awesome Guarantee
I’m giving you a crazy awesome guarantee. You can get started today for just $97.

And if, after 30 days, you do the work and still feel like you don’t know what you are doing and you need some additional help, I’ll give you the option to either: 1) apply the cost of the course to having me set up your LLC for you, or 2) use my preferred vendor to set up your LLC for you. If you choose option #2 and send me your receipt, I will refund your purchase price.

So there really is nothing to lose.
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